About Us

The Heart of Kennington Residents Association

Our aims

·       to promote the common interests of residents in the Heart of Kennington area (Methley, Milverton, Radcot, Ravensdon  and Stannary Streets, Cumberland Mews, Aulton, Stannary and Wigton Places);

·       to protect and enhance the amenity of those streets;

·       to represent the interests of the residents collectively to Lambeth Council and other local or regional authorities as appropriate.

We shall

·       monitor and, when necessary, comment on issues affecting the quality of life and amenity of the area, including planning applications and other planning proposals, traffic management, licensing, cultural activities, community safety and policing;

·       collect and provide relevant information to residents through an occasional newsletter and any other helpful means;

·       work when appropriate with other local organisations with similar or complementary interests.

Letters from our Chairman


AGM 2016 
AGM Minutes 2016.docx AGM Minutes 2016.docx
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 Our constitution

The HoKRA Constitution. 

HoKRA constitution - March 2011.doc HoKRA constitution - March 2011.doc
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AGM Agenda & past minutes

Annual Report for 2016

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Our regular newsletters

You can read our newsletters on the News page. here.