This page will bring you news on the Northern Line Extension - where it impacts on our neighbourhood 

Updates on the Northern Line

Settlement Deeds

Here is a useful link for residents concerned about damage to their property from the Northern Line extension

And according to TFL's current thinking:

Tunnel Boring Machines will be delivered to site in 2016 they will not begin work until 2017 and will take about six months to make the journey from Battersea to the Kennington Shafts.

Tunnelling for the Step Plate Junction works, which are the works which may effect residents in Ravensdon Street and Methley Street will still commence in Summer 2016 so the defects surveys can be expected around late Spring.

FLO Updates 

Click here to download Kennington Green October-December 2015 report

May 2014

The Secretary of State's decision about the Transport and Works Act order is now expected in September.  In the meantime, we have been invited to join a Kennington Green Community Liaison Group that has been set up by Transport for London and it will be chaired by a Lambeth councillor with TfL providing the secretariat.  It has so far met once and will meet again once the local elections are over.  Meetings will probably be in public and local residents will be able to attend.  We will keep you posted about more developments.

Some people have noticed that the noise and vibration from trains on the Kennington loop, which runs directly under some of our houses, have recently become much more noticeable.  We have taken this up with Transport for London who are looking into the complaints.  

Spring 2014 - An update:

 The public inquiry was held in November/December, with a long site visit on 15 January by the inquiry’s Inspector.  The Inspector’s report is due in March and the Secretary of State for Transport will announce his decision on whether to approve the draft Transport and Works Act order in either July or more likely in September.  The report will not be published until the decision is announced.  There is a great deal of detailed information in the documents available on the inquiry website including our submissions. 

We gave evidence twice, once when we explained our concerns about the impact on our properties of ground movements from the construction and operation of the new line and the need for strict limits on maximum noise levels once the line is in use.  On the second occasion we joined those who opposed the proposal that the permanent ventilation shaft on Kennington Green should be located at 373 Kennington Road.

We have continued to discuss noise levels from the new line with TfL.  Michael Gainsborough went to a demonstration of current noise levels on the Jubilee Line and TfL checked levels in a house which is directly over the Kennington loop.  The results are fairly reassuring but the committee nevertheless decided not to withdraw our objection to the current proposals; we feel that TfL could do more to guarantee lower noise levels in affected properties

Thanks to input from two lawyer residents, we have persuaded TfL to amend the settlement deed that will be offered to the owners of properties expected to be directly affected by the new line, whether the line itself or the construction stage.  The result is a clearer document which should be helpful for property owners.

Please note: The plans and documents relating to the northern line extension are constantly changing. the documents on this site may not be the most up to date available. Please check with the TFL website.

Transport for London. Plans to extend the Northern Line to Nine Elms and Battersea.   A link to TFL's Northern Line extension webpages, including maps and guides.

31 December 2012 - Kennington Association. Representation made by the Kennington Association Planning Forum in relation to the proposal to extend the Northern Line. 

12 12 31- Kennington Assoc response.doc 12 12 31- Kennington Assoc response.doc
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 21 December 2012 - TfL's response to common questions raised at the consultation events.

21 12 21 - TfL response to FAQ.pdf 21 12 21 - TfL response to FAQ.pdf
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December 2012 - The Ramboll Technical Report for Lambeth Council.

It reviews the reference design work that led to the choice of route option 2 as the preferred route for the NLE.

The report’s release is intended to aid residents and other stakeholders in formulating their own responses to TfL’s current consultation.

12 12 24 - Ramboll Technical Report.pdf 12 12 24 - Ramboll Technical Report.pdf
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4 Dec 12 - The minutes of the NLE meeting held on the 4th December in the South Lambeth Library.

12 12 04 - Minutes of NLE meeting.pdf 12 12 04 - Minutes of NLE meeting.pdf
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January 2012. Steve Morgan updates on the Northern Line Extension